The European Eye Hospital was announced as one of the largest foreign investments in the country, worth 12 million euros. It was opened in April 2011 and its investors come from Turkey.

The eye hospital was built on more than 4,000 square meters in the municipality Gjorche Petrov, and is currently employing surgeon ophthalmologists from Turkey and Macedonian doctors.

“The most complex surgical procedures can be performed in our hospital starting today. All of the services that citizens had to seek abroad can now be received in our hospital, here in Macedonia. This will save patients both time and money and they will receive excellent service which, I am certain, they will be satisfied with”, said Dr. Faruk Semis at the opening.

According to the announcements made back then, the hospital should have employed 80 persons, who would work 24 hours per week.

According to the Central Registry 2015 data, 4 years after the opening the hospital has 1.1 million euros in noncurrent assets, much lower than what was initially announced. In 2015 they had 52 employees, and at the end of 2016 this number fell down to 47.