At the end of December 2015 a rice processing factory of the Turkish company Levidiagro was opened in Kochani.

It was announced as a Turkish brownfield investment of 4 million euros that would help the Kochani rice return to the old European markets as high-quality Macedonian brand and would employ 100 people.

The company was established on 15 May 2015 with 79,800 euros, and the founding capital was later increased to 99,796 euros. Presently, the company makes significant losses – only six people were employed by the end of 2015 (100 employments were announced) and this increased to 13 employees in 2016.

According to Central Registry data, the company has around 1 million euros in assets, while the noncurrent assets are estimated at over 670,000 euros.

The company is owned by Jashar Ahmet Ozkul and Ali Musfik Sozer – both from Turkey. They are also related to other companies established in Macedonia.

Jashar Ahmet Ozkul is owner of the Levidia DOOEL Zelenikovo company established in 2012. Ali Musfik Sozer used to be General Manager of the Balkan milk factory until 2015, owned by the Turkish milk factory Sutash. He is now owner of Levidiagro and also owns one more company – Ime Consulting DOOEL.