Balkan Countries Business

Based in North Macedonia, we give services for all Balkan countries such as, Kosovo, Albania, Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro.
Each country has specific benefits and advantages by its own, depending on their work force, climate, location, local supplies, raw material availability, economic conditions, average income, bank credit options, import-export regulations, income tax percentages and such.
Having the experience since 2014, we can guide you and give valuable information.

Potential Investments Fields

1) Production/Manufacturing plant;

In this kind of investment, the important factors are labor force, raw material availability, if raw material is not available locally, what will be the import conditions and costs of transportation, outsource warehousing, loan production possibilities and if you don’t have a specific market, what is the value of the local market are one of our studies and research activities for you.

2) Selling your product in the region;

If you intend to enter the Balkan market, what are the chances to be successful, are you informed about the potential buyers, what is the local income levels, can the market afford your products, and in what percentage, are the consumers behaviour suitable for your products, all these questions are worth to know, before you for a trial. At least you will have a clear view and this make you decide easier.

3) Construction

As we all know construction is a valuable and profitable investment, but which type of construction is good in Balkan countries, building homes, residence, hotel, mall, warehouse, amusement parks, dormitory, business centre?
Since long time we have evaluated and spoken to many local people. We know that local demands are sometimes different than what investors think of. Let us share our experience with you.